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Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policies

Please read these Terms and Conditions before making a reservation with us. By making a reservation, you indicate acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in time is between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Late check-ins are available by prior request only. Check-out time is 11:00 am. We are unable to staff a 24-hour reception desk, so please let us know in advance of any special check-in/out needs. There may be times when we are unable to be present at your check-in time. If this is the case, we will make arrangements for a self-check in.

Cancellation Policies

We understand that there are things in life that cannot be controlled--and will always be sympathetic and as helpful as possible, including waiving charges if we are able to re-book a room. We request your understanding of the fact that a reservation is a contract and cancellations cause loss to our small business. 

Cancellations must be made via email to We will use the time stamp of the email to determine the receipt of cancellation. Guests are responsible for all charges in cases of non-arrival or early departure.

Single-night stays

Fully refundable when canceled 7 days in advance. If cancellation is received with more than 48 hours notice but less than 7 days, 50% of charges will be refunded. Guests are responsible and liable for the entire booking for cancellations with less than 48 hours advance notice.

Stays of two or more nights

Fully refundable when canceled 10 days in advance If the reservation is canceled less than 10 but more than 3 days before your scheduled arrival, 50% will be refunded.

Non-Availability of Accommodation

We would only cancel your reservation if a room becomes unavailable for reasons we cannot control. If this happens, we will attempt to provide you with an alternative accommodation. If this was impossible, or unacceptable to you, our liability extends only to a full refund of your booking charges.

Right to Cancel Reservations

We reserve the right to cancel any reservation that does not follow the terms and conditions outlines in this agreement.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 8 am. During these hours, please keep voices, music, televisions, or other devices at a low volume level. Please also quietly open and close doors and walk quietly through the house and grounds.

No Smoking Policy

The Historic Gooding Hotel Bed & Breakfast is 100% smoke free. You may smoke any substance legal in the state of Idaho on the sidewalk in front of the porch, or on the hotel grounds outside. In-room open flames are prohibited fire hazards (sorry, that does include candles and incense).  A $500.00 cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card on file for any violations of this policy. You may also be responsible for the replacement cost of mattresses, linens, rugs or other room furnishings if we are unable to remove the smell of smoke.

Limited Liability and Missing or Lost Items

We do not accept any liability for damage, loss or injury to you, any member of your party, any vehicles or possessions unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves.

Any item taken from the rooms without our consent will be charged for.

Lost keys or keys not returned will incur a $25 charge.

Guests receive their own room key upon check-in and we will not access your room during your stay unless otherwise requested or for emergency circumstances, although we can perform a room refresh upon request that includes towel replacement and the emptying of trash.

Accidental Damage

We understand that accidents happen. Please let us know immediately of any damage or spillage so that we can attempt a speedy repair or clean. Spillages are more easily rectified the sooner they are dealt with. Any significant breakage or damage may result in a charge for replacement, repair or specialist cleaning. If the damage means the room cannot be made available in good time for the next arriving guests, you may also be liable for our loss of income.

Visitors to Rooms and Third Party Bookings

Due to insurance and liability concerns, guests are not permitted to have visitors to their rooms without our prior agreement.

If the person paying for the booking is different than the person staying in the hotel, the person who pays for the booking may be held responsible for cancellation or non-arrival fees as well as damage or loss, and appropriate charges will be taken from their credit/debit card.

If you are booking via a third-party service (e.g. or others), there may be fees that cannot be included due to the limitations of their platform. If this is the case, we will collect those charges at check-in.

Allergies to Cleaning Products

You are responsible for informing us in advance if you have allergies to cleaning products. As much as is safe and possible, we practice "green cleaning" and will do our best to accommodate any special requests.


On-street parking is available in front of the hotel at no charge. If you have an oversize vehicle or a vehicle in tow, contact us in advance and we will arrange nearby parking. Guests are permitted one car per room for purposes of parking.

Canine Guests, Pets, and Service Animals

The Historic Gooding Hotel Bed & Breakfast is dog-friendly and accepts all service animals. Because of common allergies, we do not accept pets other than dogs. If your pet is disruptive or a problem arises that cannot be resolved (e.g., excessive barking, lack of control, pet being left without proper confinement, etc.), we will be happy to recommend a nearby doggie daycare facility, or will ask that you seek alternative accommodations.

Dogs must stay in a crate/cage if you leave them in the room, be current on their vaccinations, and be free of fleas and parasites. The credit card on file will be charged for cleaning, repair, or replacement of furnishings if damage has occured.

A fully-refundable deposit of $75 is charged per dog, per stay. Please notify us when making your reservation if you will be accompanied by a furry friend or service animal. We usually limit the number of dogs to two/room, but, depending on the size and breed, may make exceptions--so please ask in advance. For the second or more dog(s), there is a $15/night/dog additional charge.

We do have some breed restrictions and do not accept Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Aiktas, and Dobermans.

Website Policies

Use of Personal Information

We use personal information to process your reservation requests, provide confirmation emails, personalize your use of our website, and enable us to improve the products and services we offer. We may occasionally carry out market research and send you details of services and offers regarding our hotel only that we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, please e-mail We will never sell your personal information.

Security Policy

Your payment and personal information are always safe when booking your reservation online. Our SSL software is the industry standard for secure commerce transactions, carried out through Wix. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.

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